reverberating interferences – explorations into thingness

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Filmed at Wayne McGregor Studios October 2020.
Film experiment, 18:37 min.

This film experiment serves as both documentation and a further staging of the performative work, reverberating interferences – explorations into thingness, that took place over three days during October 2020 at the Wayne McGregor Studio 2. The work intertwines indeterminacy (Barad) and the uncertainty of change (Rose) through patterns of movement and countermovement set in motion by bodies—human and others. By necessity, the conditions of Covid-19 restrictions were integrated into the planned concept. The work modulates the ongoing reverberations of interference before these sediment and become planetary memory. Things shape us by the way we shape them. Reverberating interferences initiated in intra-actions (Barad) become audible as sounds, voices, noises, non-acoustic signals (gestures). The way these emerge from movement in and across matter—water, air, climate, earth, plants, animals, and humans—allows them to seep and condensate differently, and be understood within a process of un/learning.

collaborators and co-workers:
electronic sound devices: Martin Hug
interactive moving image: Untitled_1 by Lilia Strojec
choreography: Pepa Ubera
movement, dance and voice: Giulia Iurza, monika jaeckel, Selene Travaglia, Paolo Pisarra, Pepa Ubera, Louiseanne Wong
camera: Lene Vollhardt and Lilia Strojec
color grading: Singing River Productions