moved by being moved / to moving – aim is the project page of the practice-based PhD project moved by being moved / to moving, which I undertook at the University of Westminster, London between 2017 and 2021. It also conveys all updates with follow-up presentations and further developments that emerge in context of the project in 2022.
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background images:
top: Oyster Mushroom, self grown; Image: m.jaeckel;
other: reverberating interferences – explorations into thingness, Wayne McGregor Studios, 2020/21; performers: Giulia Iurza, Selene Travaglia, Paolo Pisarra, Pepa Ubera, Louiseanne Wong
and signalling – at the molecular level, studio day, University of Westminster Harrow, 2019; collaborating Dancers are Giulia Iurza, Livia Massarelli, Francis Maskens, Gloria Trolla, Tom Wohlfahrt, as well as Art du Deplacement (ADD) and Parkour practitioners Georgia Munroe and Louiseanne Wong; images by m.jaeckel



Currently situated in Berlin (Germany) monika jaeckel is a research oriented artist and writer in the fields of performance and theory.

moved by being moved / to moving – agency is molecular is the recent research project developed out of an elder experiment, which ran under the acronym memacism. As ‘motion embedded mind agency concept’ it provided the first momentum to bring movement’s general undercurrents into research focus.

Practice-based PhD from 2017 to 2021 at the CREAM department (Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media) of the University of Westminster, UK.

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