aim – agency is molecular

moved by being moved / to moving – aim is the project page of the practice-based PhD project moved by being moved / to moving, which I am currently undertaking at the University of Westminster, London.

background images:
top: Lion’s Mane – mushroom; Image: m.jaeckel;
other: reverberating interferences – explorations into thingness, Wayne McGregor Studios, 2020/21; performers: Giulia Iurza, Selene Travaglia, Paolo Pisarra, Pepa Ubera, Louiseanne Wong
and signalling – at the molecular level, studio day, University of Westminster Harrow, 2019; collaborating Dancers are Giulia Iurza, Livia Massarelli, Francis Maskens, Gloria Trolla, Tom Wohlfahrt, as well as Art du Deplacement (ADD) and Parkour practitioners Georgia Munroe and Louiseanne Wong; images by m.jaeckel